OrcaSound-Support a Local Marine Acoustics Kickstarter

OrcaSound-Support a Local Marine Acoustics Kickstarter Campaign

What is Orcasound?

Orcasound is an app on your favorite device connected to a network of hydrophones (underwater microphones). It makes listening live to ocean sounds like this easy from any web browser --


The vision for Orcasound is to combine emerging technologies to build an innovative, cost-effective tool for facilitating marine conservation and bioacoustic research through citizen science. In the short-term, Orcasound will catalyze research progress, raise awareness about underwater noise pollution, and help protect endangered whales in the Salish Sea. 

In the long-run, we hope it will:

  • Announce when the Orcasound community is hearing something beautiful or worrisome in the world’s oceans. 
  • Teach listeners to recognize, classify, and study the sounds of the sea, so that one day we can fully understand acoustic wonders like orca communication or marine acoustic ecology.
  • Provide timely calls to action that will catalyze conservation of marine species and the environment.

Donate $10 or more today to save the Salish Sea, our wildlife, and your access to exciting live and recorded ocean sounds

There is a bright future for you, whales, dolphins, researchers, students and other citizens – if you can help. Help us upgrade the aging hydrophone network so we can listen without restrictions – from your phone or computer, on a boat or on the bus. And, help us monitor the Salish sea for threats and fascinating ecological events. Without OrcaSound we’re blind to an entire ecosystem.

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