Small Scale LNG Tank

Small Scale LNG Tank
Thomas Lamb, PE* (1)
Regu Ramoo (2)

Small Scale LNG has become inclusive of all aspects of LNG storage and transport in recent years.  The increasing use of LNG as a ship propulsion fuel requires small LNG vessels to bunker the LNG fueled ships.

Many ship owners are getting into the LNG bunker vessel market.  To date they have all used cylindrical or bi-lobe tanks.   Designs have also been prepared using a 2 bar variant of the membrane system and a recent order using the Korean KC-1 membrane system. 

The paper will describe how a new tank design provides a superior alternative to the cylinder and bi-lobe tank design, and shows its flexibility to fit new and converted bunker and small coastal vessels as well as fuel tanks in all types of ships even up to cruise ships.  A description of the development of the new tanks will be presented.


(1) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

(2) ALTAIR Engineering, Inc., Troy, MI